TECHNE 2017 Call for Projects is Open!

Novelist Elif Şafak said recently that, in order to understand what is going on in the world at the moment, "we need to talk about emotions. Emotions in general have been underestimated."
“Emotion, Engagement and Experience” describe the researcher’s journey. Techne 2017 will explore these through academic papers, performances and film. What is the researcher’s emotional attachment to the work? How do passions and emotions frame scholarship? How does the researcher’s engagement with the world  of scholarship sit alongside the responsibility to the wider world? Where does the researcher’s own wealth of experience fit into the PhD? Where does the ECR 'fit'?  How do we exchange and disseminate all of these ideas we've got?

The Conference Theme
“Engagement, Emotion, Experience” is the theme of this year’s TECHNE conference. These three words describe the researcher’s position. We are interested in the complex relationships between scholarship and academia and the wider world, both as human experience and as professional practice. This year’s Conference will be held at the London HQ of Amnesty International, the global human rights organisation. It is a fitting venue for us to discuss and present ideas about ways that scholarship engages with the wider world.
We want to explore how the process of research, and its outputs, engage with the world and how this affects the researcher. We will address questions of impact, public engagement, interdisciplinarity, innovative ways of communicating and directing outputs, performance and publishing methods. We are especially interested in discussing ways that “traditional” disciplines are finding new or reinvigorated processes of dissemination and reception.

The field is wide open – we have a good space and we can accommodate performances, films and papers. This year we will have a special focus on new communication methods and will feature the Audio Visual Essay as a tool of scholarship. If you have an idea for a specific panel we would also like to hear from you and are open to suggestions.
This year we will publish the conference proceedings online, in a special publication.

Please email proposals (consisting of a 300 word maximum abstract and a 50 word maximum biography) or queries. For performances please include details of space needs.

the CALL FOR PROPOSALS is open to any PhD candidate or Early Career researcher, not onlly for TECHNE researchers.

send proposals 

About the venue
The Amnesty International HQ is a large, bright space in the heart of Shoreditch. It is fully equipped with AV and has a large theatre as well as smaller rooms which can be used for performances. 


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