A gentle reminder Dont miss out!

Hello all!

Just  a gentle reminder to get ready your proposals for  talks, papers, workshops, panels, film screenings and whatever-you-want, for this November 9! The TECHNE 2017 conference is shaping up to be a very creative and exciting event and we still want your input. It is a great opportunity to share your work in progress or test out your ideas, as well as be exposed to new ones outside your own research.

As you may know, this year’s conference “Emotion, Engagement, Experience” is all about the passion of the researcher for the work, and the ways we can communicate that to the wider world as well as within academia.

The deadline is approaching – this Friday 22 September. Please send us your proposals  (max 300 words) to techne.conf2017@gmail.com and the website has more information http://techne2017.blogspot.co.uk/p/call-for-projects.html

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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