Round Tables

The Round Table session is an opportunity for researchers to interact with one another within delineated discipline areas. The discipline areas are:

Creative Arts;

Literature and Language;

Media and Culture;

History, Classics and Philosophy;

Visual Arts

Participants do not need to prepare anything in advance for the Roundtable. The session is not a hierarchical, and will be led by fellow participants from a position of equality. Researchers are encouraged to talk openly and in confidence about their research and their practice. In this way we will be able to share ideas about how shape and work towards our career objectives; how to share best practice; ideas and opportunities for publication, and issues around academic freedom, ethics, discipline-specific issues and so on.

Participants may, if they want to bring along small samples of their research – e.g. a short text to share with the group, images and so on;  these should be in such a form as they can be presented easily – for example on a phone or tablet, or read out loud.


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